Industry leaders and observers all agree that LED is the next standard in general lighting. From every prospective, LED is one giant step forward. An investment and an asset with a proven rapid payback and ROI. Just as LED is lighting the way to the future today, Round 2 Lighting is the brightest light in energy efficient lighitng solutions. We are the way to switch off inefficiency, reduce waste and switch on savings and reliability. Isn’t it time you saw the light?

Efficient Jolt your bottom line

When you eliminate waste you accelerate your bottom line and the bottom line is your bottom line.

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Reliable For years and years and years...

As astounding as the savings LED lighting solutions offer, reliability and longevity are equally as impressive.

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UnsurpassedSuperior light. Period!

One really bright idea is Luminous Efficiency: Using less energy to achieve the same level of illumination.

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Responsible Switch off expensive energy

The most efficient way to maximize profits is to eliminate waste. That’s what Round 2 Lighting is all about.

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“LED is the lighting of the future, available today…lasts longer, more energy efficient, less maintenance and brighter light.” —

What We Do?

  • Help your business
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Cut expenses
  • Provide free energy
  • Believe in LED technology
  • Value engineer lighting solutions
  • Ensure complete satisfaction

Who We Are?

Round 2 Lighting, LLC is an American success story. AnEnergy Efficient Lighting firm, built from the ground up, not by contractors, installers or service providers but by business owners. By combining over100 years of business experience, entrepreneurial insight and the desire to help other business owners significantly reduce their energy spend; the result is a uniquely capable and innovative value added reseller of LED lightingsolutions.

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